Contemplate this.... Making Love your Priority©Kimaya2012

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Can you allow yourself to be vulnerable?

Will you let down your guard with the one you so adore?

Knowing that you may be hurt once more.

Can you be so honest and true with yourself at the expense of all else?

Will you own your significance? Be authentically you!

Stay true to yourself in every way possible,in all that you think say & do.

Will you allow your brilliance to now shine through?

In your darkest hours will you keep the faith & hold your Light Because in truth you know what's right.

Have you the discipline to journey within & the courage to share your discoveries?

Have you the wisdom to honour all that you are? To harvest such power & use it always & only for the Highest good for all?

Appreciate & reciprocate all things small & great. 

Authentically You.... Lets Celebrate!