8 minutes of Awesome interview - Kimaya

By Kim Donaldson
on August 20, 2014

I'd like to share with you a recent interview with "8 Minutes of Awesome."

"While Kim Donaldson writes books for children, she also guides children and parents to connect, reminding us to remember and embrace all of the limitless that comes from within, regardless of our age. Kim shares about her current project, things that inspire her, and shares beautiful wisdom with her message: "...the real magic is the child within us all..."




By Kim Donaldson
on February 14, 2014

Happy Joyous New Year to All

By Kim Donaldson
on January 04, 2014
Happy * Joyous New Year To All . . .
                                      Within You are Divine limitless potentials, use it,
                              “Be the love that you wish to experience in the world”. .. .

The Perfect Gift that Keeps on Giving

By Kim Donaldson
on December 10, 2013
The perfect Gift that keeps on giving, these beautiful e-books from Kimaya.

Click on the images above, to purchase each e-book or Click here to purchase the Love Collection for only $10.

“Be The Love That You wish to experience in your life”


  Remember “As You are is perfect”

Gifting e-books, Love for your loved Ones . . . perfect for the holidays & all for less than the price of a card. Wow! ! !

Come meet Kimaya & experience these High Vibe books for yourself.

By Kim Donaldson
on September 16, 2013
Auckland Well Fest, 5-6 Oct Stand 27
Hamilton Natural Health Expo,19-20 Oct Stand 56

Prioritise Life – put Love First, Say’s Kimaya

By Kim Donaldson
on June 17, 2013


Interview with Central News

By Kim Donaldson
on April 06, 2013

I had a wonderful time interviewing with Central News.  Thank you so much for the opportunity! I hope you enjoy…. LOVE always!

Make Everyday Valentine's Day!

By Kim Donaldson
on February 15, 2013

A Testimonial

By Kim Donaldson
on February 12, 2013
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Rather than writing a blog post I thought I would share with you a very touching testimonial in regards to my books from someone who I now call a dear friend.  The power of Love is overwhelming...  

Dear Kim, 

I have been giving your books to my friends and family as a gift. Its a great gift that somehow shifted them in their life. Your energy coded book which is filled with love have helped them understand on a deeper level what Love is and what our very existence means. Thank you for your existence, for it made a difference.

At the end of the day, we all just want to love and be loved, just that simple. 

Love ya Kim :-)


The need to understand love

By Kim Donaldson
on February 05, 2013


Just a quick glimpse of the general state of affairs all over the world, health, living conditions, food diet & our environments.
ANSWER  “replace the love of power with the power of Love”  (from the words of William Gladstone 1809 –1889).

What is love?… was once the most goggled question. Need I say more on the need for love. Years ago I discerned that every thing comes back to love or the lack of.

As a child I felt a connectedness with all life & people. As I grew I spent time disconnected from this awareness, which further more confirmed the very importance of having awareness & better still an understanding of it,s presence. My conclusion is that all life connects – interacts – flows through a constant yet unseen stream of vital Love. And that being aware of this love will nurture, feed , enhance & expand us in ways that are all but indescribable in words alone.

However through my words i can assist you to experience, understand & even to recall the many flavours of love. Answering a call coming from within us all.


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