Rachel & Baby Jacksons Cultivating Love Consultation
What You Can Expect!

Wow! I find myself searching for the right words, you see this has been an experience like none other, let me explain. Jackson my son was 9.5 months on our first consultation. I had a very sore wrist, ankle & foot, 5 yrs prior this was broken & now had 2 plates in it. Kimaya had briefed me over a phone call about her work, that it involved harp music, questions & answers between us as well as toning & Light Language’s, all aimed at harmonising & Unifying physical mental emotional spiritual bodies. And that this involved very high frequency energies.

WOW! I felt such a peace fullness & then very light & expanded. Witnessing & experiencing the profound effects that this had on Jackson, was truly Amazing! In between smiles & laughter he was joyfully fixated (Transfixed) Very precious to witness as a mother. The results for me were also immediate. A follow up session has me pain free. I practice easy & fun daily techniques that Kimaya coached me in. I feel So Amazing, I’ve been completely restored, up graded & rebooted. Kimaya explained this as being in alignment with my true nature/ true self. My mind has remained clear along with intuition & communication between Jackson & I. ( As well as my own body, Kimaya teaches self Love & appreciation) I intend to have tune ups, as & when required these can be done via a skype session & recorded. This means that Jackson & I can listen to this as often as we like. I Highly recommend this Beautiful therapy for parents children, for anyone ready for inner peace & Improved health & Happiness in their lives.


Kim exudes light and love - beautiful qualities which she imbues in all that she does.  And with the purest of intention she offers them to guide us on our own journeys.  Thank you, Kim for the light that you are!

- Vicky Cavanagh-Hodge, NZ

"Priceless Making love your proirity is a little book full of insiration! I found the book to be a nice easy read with each chapther providing additional motivation for the reader. I plan to share this book with my teenage daughter, family and friends as I believe everyone will benifit from the lessons to be learnt from opening up your heart and making love your prority."  


"I am an OSCAR (Out of School Care & Reacreation) Centre Manager in the Auckland Region. These books are amazing and I have implemented them into our childrens lives through our programmes. We follow the books, live the books and help the children feel the books in their everyday lives. What an amazing thing to be doing. Thank you Kimaya for your incredible books. Thank you for sharing your love and helping us to grow through loving all. Heart felt appreciation to the incredily vibrant and enthusiastic woman you are."

-Vicky Douglas, NZ

 "Kim's books on love is such a joy to the senses. It's like curling up with a warm blanket on a windy evening watching flames dance across the crackling wood in the fireplace. You can feel the warmth, see the glow and be transformed by all the love that surrounds you. "All the Flavours of Love" is truly the flavours of life itself because love is all there is. Thank you, Kim, for your gift of the heart. You are such a light in the world." ~ Arielle Faith Michael, Hawaii

Just passed on “All the Flavours of Love” to my nephews 5 & 7. They both read it and the cool thing was they came back with questions. The discussion I had with then was enlightening for all of us, great read thanks. 

-Mike Saunders 

"Kimaya has a true gift! She is able to beautifully express high Universal truth and the vibration of love in a way that is simple, beautiful, and accessible to all ages and levels. When you hold her books in your hands, you can feel the love and wisdom channeling through them, and each page is pure delight. But the real gift is her radiant presence and the way she lights up the hearts of all who cross her path. She is a master soul with a message for all of us." 

-Adrienne, USA

"Imagine a guardian angel who, at the turn of a page, uplifts, guides and enriches... Imagine a best friend, who shares her discoveries of the light seeded within life's challenges... Medicine in Motion gifts the reader with both of these blessings and so much more! Thank you Kim, for telling your heart's story."
- Tanya Granich, New Zealand.

"Medicine in Motion - words of inspiration and love to soothe, heal and uplift you. Through these pages you will learn to embrace your true self and find medicine for your heart, mind and soul."
- Adrienne, Australia.

"You and your children will love acting out the feelings on the pages of M in M For Kids while learning how important it is to understand and express how you feel. Valuable lessons for the whole family."
- Chad, Australia.

I would whole-heartedly recommend Kim’s books to anyone seeking insight and assistance negotiating life’s challenges and opportunities. Therefore, if you find yourself at a juncture in your life, and believe wise, accurate and insightful information conveyed compassionately, don’t hesitate to read Kim’s books. Kim is a very inspirational angelic woman. She has many wonderful gifts and talents and has a beautiful calm disposition. Her books have really helped me out. What I love about Kim is her down to earth attitude and her genuineness.
- Janeen, New Zealand (Contact Care Natural Therapist)

Kim is a natural encourager, full of energy and positivity.  Her books mirror this.
- Mr E, Primary School Teacher, New Zealand


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  • All the Flavours of Love - E book & Hard Cover
    All the Flavours of Love - E book & Hard Cover
    All the Flavours of Love - E book & Hard Cover
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    Gifting Vouchers
    Gifting Vouchers
  • Making Love your Priority - E book and Hard Cover
    Making Love your Priority - E book and Hard Cover
    Making Love your Priority - E book and Hard Cover
  • Medicine in Motion - Hard Copy Book
    Medicine in Motion - Hard Copy Book